Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Osborne visited my office in 2013 to give a presentation on heath & wellness. I consider Dr. Osborne to be very professional and knowledgeable in this field. The one factor that differentiates Dr. Osborne from other speakers is that he speaks with true passion about this topic. This passion is reflected in his dedication to live healthy on a daily basis through good nutrition and exercise. He is able to share personal details of his own struggles and triumphs, and engages his audience through this passion while motivating others to gain better health. This personal approach is what captures an audience and helps to inspire them."

- Jodi

"I went to One Source Chiropractic after my car accident and they were so kind and understanding. The doctor took time to explain my symptoms and why my pain was so bad and what to expect when seeking legal counsel. They got me feeling better in no time and now I have no pain!"

- Dan

"I recently had re-injured my shoulder. This was an old injury and i visited Dr. Osborne regularly for adjustments and education on how to continue to improve movement in my shoulder and neck area. I was impressed with his ability to focus on my sports injuries. He inspired me to work on my shoulder which, in the past, I felt would not improve. I am now on a new training regimen and with adjustments and muscle building exercises; my strength is coming back fast.

During this time Dr. Osborne helped me encourage a friend who has diabetes to change his diet. Within three weeks he reduced his blood sugar by half. This is just an indicator of how his inspiring suggestions can motivate others.

Because of his confidence, and passion, Dr. Osborne excels at communicating the message of health. He motivates you to improve your quality of life. This skill is invaluable! His message truly is "live like you mean it!" and then he gives you the skills necessary to do just that."

- Lezlee



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